10 Essential Skills for Impactful Leaders -Level 2 Course

Building Better Leaders

Instructors: Carmen Reis


# Sessions: 10

Schedule: Weekly for 10 Weeks



Have you ever wondered how some women make leadership seem easy and inspire those around them? They have learnt the 10 essential skills for leadership. In this course we will deconstruct leadership into 10 essential skills, and give you the tools and resources to learn those skills, practice them and plan how you will incorporate them into daily practice to make you an impactful leader!

Held over 10 sessions, this course will help you to come a better, more thoughtful and more confident leader.

Course Curriculum

Leaders are not born, but made.  Being an Impactful Leader is not just about experience, but about learning the most essential skills that can enhance your leadership traits and help you to make greater impact in your personal and professional life.

In this course we take a look at the most important leadreship traits, give you tools and resources to learn them, opportunities to practice these traits, and 12 months of coaching and support to launch you into the next phase of your career.

  • Session 1: Communication
  • Session 2: Problem-Solving
  • Session 3: Perseverence & Motivation
  • Coaching Session 1: Goals as a Leader
  • Session 4: Time Management
  • Session 5: Born or Made Leaders
  • Session 6: Work Ethic
  • Session 7: Adaptability
  • Coaching Session 2: Leadership Constraints
  • Session 8: Critical Thinking
  • Session 9: Self-Confidence
  • Session 10: Emotional Intelligence
  • Coaching Session 3: Path Forward

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