Leading Women: Foundational Course

Changing Lives, One Woman at a Time.

Instructors: Carmen Reis


# Sessions: 10

Schedule: Wednesdays; 10 sessions starting October 6, 2021 8 EST

Validity Period: 365 days

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What is Leading Women?

Are You feeling Stuck in Your life? Are you Feeling like an imposter, or like you are not good enough for your family, job or friends? Then you need to look no further than our Leading Women Course.

Leading Women is Sylibi Education's foundational course that teaches you how to take control of your life by identifying all that holds you back, empowers you to dream about all you can be, and gives you the tools and support to achieve those dreams.

In this ten (10) session course, you will be challenged to dig deep, grow and launch yourself into a future only you can create.

You will do this in a  supportive community of like-minded women that will help you to grow your network. Your journey will be guided by your instructor and course coaches. Each woman reaceives  professional coaching and a support team that will follow you for the next 12 months to help you realize your dreams.

Leading Women Transformation

Leading Women is a course that offers you the opportunity to transform your personal and professional life.  In this course You will:

  • Step out of your comfort zone
  • Overcome barriers
  • Set and surpass goals
  • Eliminate the "dead weight" you carry
  • Remove self-defeating habits from your life
  • Define and Find the mentor and support you need
  • Negotiate for  what you want personally and professionally
  • Find Time for Yourself
  • Grow a Tribe
  • Define Your Own Story
  • Speak Your Truth