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Who Am I? Level 2 course

Achieve the Life you Want!

Instructors: Carmen Reis


# Sessions: 5

Schedule: Mondays, starting January 2022


Why Should I Take This Course?

Whether you are religious or just believe in fate, we are all born with innate potential and purpose. One of the biggest questions we all have, is "what is my purpose" or "why am I here"?

In this course we give you the tools to identify and develop your life's purpose, as well as the support and resources to help you manifest the life you want to achieve.

LIke all our courses, What is My Purpose?"  comes with 12 months of coaching support, a community of cheer leaders, opportunities to grow your network and more. Purchase as a single course or as part of a subscription package.

Course Curriculum

  • Session 1: What is Life Purpose
  • Session 2: How Can I Find My Purpose
  • Coaching Session 1: Setting a Life Direction
  • Session 3: What is Manifestation?
  • Session 4: How to Manifest Your Goals
  • Coaching Session 2: Manifesting your goals
  • Session 5 Bringing Purpose & Manifestation Together

This course is held over 5 sessions, once per week, with monthly starts.